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Date: 08:49:35 11/05/2017

Name: mama anah, Phone: +27608052726, Reply to: (Use contact form below)

Price: $100

From: business

MAMA ANAH +27608472535>> I have 25 years experience in spell casting, black magic removing,hexes and voodoo spells. I helped many people to get their happiness back. I can perform any spells for any problems you have- love, prosperity,business, luck and many more. My consultations are free and my prices are low. I can work from a distance, send personalised items by post so no travelling and face to face is required. Quick results guaranteed!!! Full instructions will be provided by e-mail after order has been made. Due to my heavy work load I work only via e-mail as meeting people is too much time consuming and unproductive for me. I do try to answer the e-mails quick in between my work. SOME OF THE MANY SPELLS I CAN OFFER: POWERFULL OBSESSION SPELL: +27608472535 MAMA ANAH Do you want that special someone to want their world to revolve around you, think about you day & night and ache to be with only you. You will need to provide full name & picture of target. *A Client Favourite* LOVE SPELL Bring my ex back Make someone be in love with you Custom made to fit your Personal situation. Works for break ups that need mending or for even more complex situations. A Love spell customised to your situation. You will need to provide full names & pictures. LOVE SPELLS Customized Break Up Spell Maybe you are trapped in a relationship yourself & need out, maybe the one you love is stuck in a unhappy relationship & can't break it off or possibly you have a friend who you know would be better off without this person in their life. If you cannot get a picture I can still cast but, will not be as strong Love Spells END a relationship/Break up spell (mailed to you) This is a HEX that will be mailed to you & must be buried close to couple's home or home they reside at most often (not ON property but, close by if you cannot do this but, want a Break up a Relationship Hex order the "Custom made break us/them up HEX" since I do not send you anything for that one). This Break up a Relationship Spell is intended to be very potent but, like all Break up hexes it is worded that it will only work to FULL potential if it is NOT true love.For this spell I will need Full names of the couple & if possible a picture of the couple together or separate. Love spells Marry Me Spell Does your lover need a bit of a kick in the right direction, years have past and still no proposal? It is time for them to step up and make a commitment. Works very well with "Follow My Lead" Picture of you & target together & Full names please. Love Spells Stay Faithful Loyalty Love Spell Keep your partner from straying or laying down with another. Keep them dedicated only to you. Voodoo Loyalty Love Spell. You will need to provide full name & picture of you both preferably together.

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