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Date: 06:05:42 07/27/2017

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SequelGate is one of the best training institutes for Data Science & Big Data /Data Analytics Training . We have been providing Classroom and Classroom Trainings and Corporate training. All our training sessions are COMPLETELY PRACTICAL. DATA SCIENCE & BIG DATA/ DATA ANALYTICS TRAINING WITH PROJECT - CLASSROOM TRAINING COURSE DETAILS: Real time training on latest concepts related to Big Data Technologies: Hadoop – Modules, HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System, PIG, HIVE, HBASE, SQOOP, OOZIEE, FLUME, Kafka, Spark/Scala, R –Language, and Python.This training course is exclusively designed addressing all practical aspects of Big Data concepts and implementing the real-time aspects. Material provided during the course. Data Science & Bigdata Analytics Overview HADOOP - Frame work for Big data HDFS Understanding the Cluster Map Reduce: PIG HIVE Hbase Cassandra Scala - Language for Data Science & Bigdata Scala Introduction &Environment Setup: Scala Basic Syntax Scala Data TYPES: Scala Variables: Scala Operators: Scala Conditions Scala Loops Scala Strings: Scala Regular Expressions: Scala Functions: Scala Arrays Scala Collections Scala Classes & Objects: SPark - Frame work for Data Science & Bigdata Analytics Spark Core Spark SQL Spark Streaming Spark GraphX SPARK Mlib STATISTICS STATISTICS: Descriptive & Inferential Statistics DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS INFERENTIAL STATICS Data quality and outlier treatment Data Visualization. Cumulative Frequency plots Data Quality checking R–Lan/Python for Data Analytics Getting Started R Python Probability Graphics Machine Learning All Sessions are Completely Practical and Realtime. Duration: 3 Months , every day for 1.5 hours and all sessions are completely practical. One Real-time Project included in the course. For free Data Science Classroom Demo, please visit : Schedules for PRACTICAL Data Science & Big Data /Data Analytics Classroom Training : Contact us today for practical Data Science & Big Data /Data Analytics Classroom Training : SequelGate Training Institute Office: (+91) 040 65358866 Mobile: (+91) 0 9030040801  Sai Anu Avenue, Street No #3, Patrika Nagar, HITEC City, Hyderabad - 81 (India).

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