Terms of Use

Jammerlist is a free and public web portal for the use and benefit of all. To this end all users must abide by basic Terms of Use as follow:

  • Respect all local laws in country of use or ad placement
  • Respect relevant international laws
  • Respect other users and their rights
  • Refrain from placing offending material on site and from sending any offensive material through email or ad responses

Jammerlist assumes no risk or liability resulting directly or indirectly from use of site and we encourage all users to practice common sense when conducting any business through online web portals such as ours.

All ads include a flagging option. This is the method in which Jammerlist users can self-regulate site content. Ads can be flagged for offensive or mis-categorized material. We encourage all users to use this function in order to ensure all content is appropriate.

Additional policies, regulations, and/or laws will be added to this section as necessary in the future; though we prefer to keep it simple!

Jammerlist reserves the right to modify terms of use as needed.